Judicial Affidavit

Republic of the Philippines MUNICIPAL TRIAL COURT 8th Judicial Region Dulag Le!te IN R"# APPLICATON $OR CA'" NO& N()* ORI%INAL R"%I'TRATION "(ORD( O$ TITL" O$ A PARC"L O$ LAND 'ITUA 'ITUAT"D T"D AT DULA% L"/T" LAND R"%& LRA R"CORD NO& )+*,-)).8 'P'& 000000  Applicant1 Petitione2 Petitione2 3( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 3  JUDICIAL AFFIDAVIT AFFIDAVIT I ___________ of le lega gall ag age e $i $ili lipi pino no 4a 4a22 22ie ied d an and d a 2esiden 2esi dentt of Ma Ma25e 25ett 'it 'ite e Dul Dulag ag Le! Le!te te and p2e p2esen sentl! tl! th the e Municipal Muni cipal Assesso2 Assesso2 of the Local %o6e2n4ent %o6e2n4ent Unit of Dula Dulag g Le!te afte2 ha6ing been dul! s7o2n to in acco2dance 7ith la7 he2eb! deposes and states as follo7s# uestion +# M2& 7itness !ou said !ou a2e the Municipal  Assesso2 of Dulag Le!te since 7hen ha6e !ou been in that o9ice:  Ans7e2# 'ince the !ea2 +;8*& +;8*& uestion *# /ou said also that !ou a2e a 2esident of Ma25et 'ite Dulag Le!te a2e !ou fa4ilia2 of a lot also situated at Ma25et 'ite 7hich is the subhat is the lot nu4be2 of this land:  Ans7e2# It is Lot No& No& ;-88(?& uestion @# >ho is the p2esent o7ne2 and possesso2 of Lot No& ;-88(?:  Ans7e2# It is the spouses spouses 000000and 000000 000000 uestion .# >hat docu4enta2! e6idence can !ou p2esent to p2o6e this fact:  Ans7e2# I ha6e he2e the T2ace2 of Lot No& No& ;-88(?& uestion ,# In the said t2ace2 7ho 7as the decla2ed o7ne2 p2io2 to the said spouses:  Ans7e2# 000000000: uestion -# P2io2 to 00000 and 000000 7ho 7as itBs decla2ed o7ne2:  Ans7e2# It 7as 000000& uestion 8# In that t2ace2 5indl! state fo2 the 2eco2d 7ho 7as the o7ne2 and possesso2 of the lot fo2 the pe2iod co6e2ed f2o4 the 2st p2i4iti6e o7ne2 the2eof up to the p2esent:  Ans7e2# ?ased on the t2ace2 the decla2ed o7ne2 and possesso2 unde2 ta decla2ation No& +)).+(R= 7as 000000 f2o4 the !ea2 +;@8 up to +;-. 00000 and 000000 Jua2eE fo2 the pe2iod +;-- up to *)); and spouses Ma2cial 000000& and M!lene 0000000 fo2 the pe2iod *)+* up to the p2esent uestion ;# P2io2 to +;@8 pa2ticula2l! the pe2iod befo2e +;@. 7ho 7as the o7ne2 and possesso2 of the said lot:  Ans7e2# It 7as still 00000 as no24all! the decla2ed o7ne2 and possesso2 in the ta decla2ations of 2e6ision + up to 2e6ision * a2e the sa4e ho7e6e2 7e ha6e no 2eco2d of the decla2ed o7ne2 of the lot fo2 the pe2iod p2io2 to +;@. as it 7as dest2o!ed du2ing the 'econd >o2ld >a2& uestion +)# 'o based on the said t2ace2 it is clea2 no7 that the spouses Ma2cial M& 0000& and M!lene L& 00000and thei2 p2edecesso2s 7e2e in the concept of o7ne2s the2eof in open continuous and uninte22upted possession of the said lot p2io2 to the !ea2 +;@. up to the p2esent is that co22ect:  Ans7e2# /es& uestion ++# >hat else could !ou sa! of this case:  Ans7e2# That is all I can sa! fo2 the 4eanti4e& IN >ITN"'' >F"R"O$ I ha6e he2eunto a9ied 4! signatu2e this 000 da! of 'epte4be2 *)[email protected] at Tacloban Cit! Philippines&  A9iant 'U?'CRI?"D AND '>ORN to befo2e 4e this 000 da! of Janua2! *)+, at Tacloban Cit! Philippines afte2 I ha6e pe2sonall! ea4ined the a9iant and that I a4 con6inced that he 6olunta2il! eecuted this a9ida6it and unde2stood the contents the2eof& Doc& No&00000 Page No&00000 ?oo5 No&00000 'e2ies of *)+,&
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Republic of the Philippines

8th Judicial Region
Dulag, Leyte


SPS. ______
Applicant/ Petitioner
X- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - X

I, ___________, of legal age, Filipino, married and a
resident of Market Site, Dulag, Leyte, and presently the
Municipal Assessor of the Local Government Unit of Dulag,
Leyte, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with
law, hereby deposes and states as follows:
Question 1: Mr. witness, you said you are the Municipal
Assessor of Dulag, Leyte, since when have you been in that
Answer: Since the year 1982.
Question 2: You said also that you are a resident of Market
Site, Dulag, Leyte, are you familiar of a lot also situated at
Market Site which is the subject of this case?
Answer: Yes, I have personal knowledge being a long time
resident of the said barangay.
Question 3: What is the lot number of this land?
Answer: It is Lot No. 9788-B.
Question 4: Who is the present owner and possessor of Lot
No. 9788-B?
Answer: It is the spouses ______and ______;
Question 5: What documentary evidence can you present to
prove this fact?
Answer: I have here the Tracer of Lot No. 9788-B.

and Mylene L. I have hereunto affixed my signature this ___ day of September. _____ and ______ Juarez for the period 1977 up to 2009 and spouses Marcial ______. 10051-R3 was ______ from the year 1948 up to 1975. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. _____and their predecessors were in the concept of owners thereof in open. Philippines. Affiant SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ___ day of January. is that correct? Answer: Yes. Question 9: Prior to 1948 particularly the period before 1945 who was the owner and possessor of the said lot? Answer: It was still _____ as normally the declared owner and possessor in the tax declarations of revision 1 up to revision 2 are the same however we have no record of the declared owner of the lot for the period prior to 1945 as it was destroyed during the Second World War. Philippines. 2016 at Tacloban City. after I have personally examined the affiant and that I am convinced . Question 11: What else could you say of this case? Answer: That is all I can say for the meantime. ____. Question 10: So based on the said tracer it is clear now that the spouses Marcial M. and Mylene _______ for the period 2012 up to the present. Question 8: In that tracer kindly state for the record who was the owner and possessor of the lot for the period covered from the first primitive owner thereof up to the present? Answer: Based on the tracer the declared owner and possessor under tax declaration No. 2014 at Tacloban City.Question 6: In the said tracer who was the declared owner prior to the said spouses? Answer: _________? Question 7: Prior to _____ and ______ who was it’s declared owner? Answer: It was ______. continuous and uninterrupted possession of the said lot prior to the year 1945 up to the present.

No.that he voluntarily executed this affidavit and understood the contents thereof._____ Page No._____ Book No. Doc._____ Series of 2016. .